At Century Law, we get it – life can throw curveballs. Since the recent recession, many folks have been grappling with financial challenges. The struggle is real: living paycheck to paycheck, no room for savings, and bills piling up. We've seen this firsthand, and we know good people can end up in tough spots due to unexpected events like job loss, accidents, or emergencies.

Whether you're dealing with annoying calls or facing unfair collection practices, we're here to help. Our mission is simple – we want to guide you through your options and ensure you know your rights. What sets us apart is our dedication to offering personalized support. We're not just here to navigate legalities; we're here to defend you, protect your assets, and bring peace of mind back into your life.

Meet some of our attorneys who are not just legal experts but compassionate individuals ready to stand by your side throughout your financial journey.


Charles Alden

A seasoned legal professional who has been an invaluable member of Century Law Firm since 2015. Handling cases across Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. With a passion for advocating on behalf of our clients, Charles consistently delivers outstanding results. His tenure underscores a steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality legal services at Century.


Anderson Simmons

He has been an asset to Century Law Firm since 2018, providing exceptional debt defense for our clients in Texas. Anderson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. His dedication to providing effective debt defense solutions underscores Century Law Firm's commitment to delivering top-notch legal services.


Joseph Sweeney

Our esteemed California attorney, has been an integral part of the Century team since 2020. Joseph brings a wealth of expertise to debt defense cases. With a proven track record of assisting clients, he has played a crucial role in navigating complex legal challenges, ensuring optimal outcomes for those we serve.


Kellyn Kidwell

Serves as an accomplished attorney at Century Law Firm, assisting clients across the states of Florida and Georgia. Since joining our team in 2021, Kellyn has brought a fresh perspective and a results-driven approach to our practice.


Brian Parker

Brian joined our firm in early 2021 as a distinguished attorney specializing in debt defense. With a proven track record of success, particularly in defeating debt buyers, his dedication to protecting our clients' rights and achieving favorable outcomes exemplifies his excellence in the field.

Daniel Baczynski

Daniel Baczynski

Our dedicated attorney at Century Law Firm, representing client in Utah and North Dakota with his unwavering commitment to achieving optimal legal outcomes since October 2022.

Chris BlairWEB

Christopher Blair

Our valued Indiana Attorney at Century Law Firm. Christopher joined our team in December 2021, bringing with him a wealth of legal expertise and dedication to serving our clients' needs.


Caroline LaFiura

Caroline joined our team in October 2022, bringing with her a passion for exceptional results on behalf of clients in Virginia.

David Salmon

David Salmon

Our dedicated attorney who joined Century Law Firm in 2021, representing clients in Nevada. With a meticulous attention to detail and a sincere passion for his cases, David consistently delivers exceptional legal representation.


Dennis Charney

Dennis takes pride in providing personalized and effective legal representation to each client he serves in Idaho and Arizona.


Elizabeth Goree

Elizabeth joined Century in June 2022, committed to advocating for clients against creditors in Alabama.

JoAnna Fox

JoAnna Fox

JoAnna joined Century in April 2022, driven to provide exceptional representation for our clients in North Carolina facing debt defense cases.


Laura Hopkins

Laura joined Century in April 2022 to represent clients in Maine. We are thrilled to have her as an advocate, now extending her expertise to serve our clients in both Maine and Vermont.


Lesley Hoenig

Lesley became a part of Century in June 2021, dedicated to serving clients in Minnesota and Michigan. Renowned for her commitment to excellence, she goes the extra mile to ensure our clients receive exceptional representation and support.


Michael Dooley

Michael joined Century in 2022 providing expert legal representation in Texas, helping out clients navigate complex debt-related matters.

Thomas Gill

Thomas Gill

Thomas has been a valuable addition to Century since 2023, effectively handling cases for our clients in Maryland with skill and dedication.

Tina Mann

Tina Mann

Tina joined our firm in early 2023, bringing with her a wealth of experience and dedication to assisting debt defense clients in Indiana.

StephanieEvans (1)

Stephanie Evans

Since joining Century Law Firm in July 2023, Stephanie she has been dedicated to her clients, delivering top-notch legal services in Virginia

PeterCozmyk (1)

Peter Cozmyk

Peter, who has been representing clients in Ohio since 2020 provides effective and compassionate legal representation to those facing debt-related challenges.