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I called into Century looking for help and a way to pay down my debt at a reasonable interest rate, James was informative and professional. He performed a free consultation, evaluated my finances and wrote out a proposal that showed me how their services could help me. I am two years into the program, and I’m thrilled with the job you guys are doing.
- Darren K., Jupiter, FL

For years I was paying off debt with credit cards, robbing peter to pay paul, eventually I came to a point where the debt kept increasing and I couldn’t get it under control, Century helped me to revamp my financial perspective, to start using money in different ways and to get my finances under control. In a few months, I will be done with the program and I can’t wait to have a clean start with no debt.
-Larry Kline, New York, NY

I had tapped out my 401k, and was running out of savings, all to pay off credit card debt, and the balance wasn’t even going down. Century was able to cut my monthly payments in half and put me in a four-year payment plan to pay off my debt while putting away savings for retirement. Without their help, I don’t know what I would have done. Thanks so much guys!
- Eduardo Heras, Los Angeles, CA

In the beginning, I was so scared to take a chance on this program, but Century was compassionate, professional and made me feel completely at ease. I was so fortunate to come upon a company that carefully tailored a program that fit my budget.
- Tonya Crawford, Fort Lauderdale, FL

During the program when our situation changed, Century was very accommodating. Any time we had an issue or needed help, Century was quick to respond and able to provide a solution.
-Bruce and Jennifer Mullins, Ronkonkoma, NY

Century’s staff was friendly, personable, and always made me feel at ease. They let me know that I was not alone and that they were there to help me through the whole process. I’m thankful I found them and put my trust in their services.
-Rebecca H., Westchester, NY

I am less than half way done with the program and the work Century has done to this point has far exceeded my expectations. They have gotten me an excellent savings and I am excited to see the work they do for me in future months.
-Ronald P., Plano, TX

When no one was there to help me with my creditors, Century was an advocate and an invaluable ally to have in my corner.
-Ashley Roberts, San Diego, CA

Century helped us to become debt free. We are on the right path now and if our family ever finds ourselves in debt again, we will know who to call.
-Mike and Laura Carter, Houston, TX

I greatly appreciate the personal attention I received from Century. They always made me feel informed and up to speed and they always went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable with the process.
-Janet M., Sarasota, FL

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