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Restructuring Options
If you are burdened with Credit Card debt and high monthly payments, but your interest rates have you on a cycle of monthly payments that are not paying off your debt, our restructuring programs may be a viable option. With our restructuring programs, our attorneys or negotiators reach out to your creditors and structure out payment plans with far more favorable terms.

A restructuring program will deliver you a payment plan with a much lower monthly payment. Restructuring also organizes your payments so that you will be making one consolidated monthly payment to pay off all the debts throughout the life of your program. Clients who participate in a restructuring option have been known to average a resolution and repayment of all enrolled debts within 2-4 years. If you are looking to avoid bankruptcy, restructuring is a definite alternative.

Call now and receive a free consultation. Our team will perform an evaluation of your financial situation and then tailor a case specific plan that will tackle your debt.
I called into Century looking for help and a way to pay down my debt at a reasonable interest rate, James was informative and professional. He performed a free consultation, evaluated my finances and wrote out a proposal that showed me how their services could help me. I am two years into the program, and I’m thrilled with the job you guys are doing.

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