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Credit Card Counselling
Feel like the amount of debt you’re carrying is unmanageable? Are you wondering if the payments you can afford will ever get you out of debt? Does the majority of what you pay on your cards go to fees and interest? If you’ve ever asked yourself these kinds of questions then maybe credit counseling is your solution. Hundreds of thousands of consumers have found a way to pay back their obligations through credit counseling. The process if simple. We will analyze your current financial situation to evaluate the condition of your finances and the extent of your debt in comparison to your income and assets.

If in your best interest, we will establish with your creditors a credit counseling repayment plan on newer and easier terms. We customize a repayment plan with your creditors based off of who you owe, how much, and what you can afford. By working with your creditors, we’re able to reduce interest rates, eliminate fees, and protect your credit by making sure payments are made before their due date. Once our services are resolved, we will give you advice and information about your credit and finances, so that you have the knowledge to avoid falling into debt in the future.

Not all creditors work with credit counseling so it's generally best to speak with a debt consultant first to get all of the specifics and to see if it's something for which you can qualify.
I called into Century looking for help and a way to pay down my debt at a reasonable interest rate, James was informative and professional. He performed a free consultation, evaluated my finances and wrote out a proposal that showed me how their services could help me. I am two years into the program, and I’m thrilled with the job you guys are doing.

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