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For clients of Century who need legal representation, Century engages Law offices of Erik Rosskopf, PA* to provide legal representation on behalf of their clients*.

Our attorneys have over twenty years of legal experience. They are reputable members of the American Bar Association with years of experience in their fields. Century provides legal representation within every one of our programs. Speak with one of Century's Financial Representatives to learn more about our local attorney in your area.

As part of its ongoing programs to assist debtors who are encountering debt collection problems, Century maintains professional relationships with various lawyers and law firms around the country with expertise in the debt collection field. Such law firms include:

Erik Rosskopf - FL / GA
Jeffrey A. Paris - CA
Reed Greene - TX
Bill Kaludis - TN
Thomas Vaitys - WI
Brian Spellen- AL
Timothy D. Ducar- AZ, ID, NV, UT
Matthew Gilbert- MN

*Law Offices of Erik Rosskopf is licensed to practice and provide legal representation in Florida and Georgia. If jurisdictional or other issues prevent such representation from Law Offices of Erik Rosskopf, Century provides reputable lawyers licensed and practicing in each clients state.

I called into Century looking for help and a way to pay down my debt at a reasonable interest rate, James was informative and professional. He performed a free consultation, evaluated my finances and wrote out a proposal that showed me how their services could help me. I am two years into the program, and I’m thrilled with the job you guys are doing.

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